Hair Care Tipz

Just a few tips on hair tips to maintain your Luxury Virgin Hair extensions, making them re-usable with proper maintenance.



Bundle Care:


  • Co- wash, I strongly recommend co washing your bundles (conditioner only) prior to your installation. Co- washing adds moisture to your bundles.

  • Use sulfate free products. (Sulfate can be very dry to the hair)

  • When installing your weft or track do not cut it. Cutting the weft will cause shedding. Your hair is an investment and I’d hate for you to cut it short.

  • It is essential to wash your hair every two weeks. Oil build up and products can cause tangling and shedding.

  • Air drying your hair is highly recommended, however if you do use a blow dryer apple a heat protectant. Excessive heat can make your extensions dull & lifeless.

  • Refrain from using heavy products on your extensions.

  • Sleep in a satin bonnet/ scarf. This prevents your hair from tangling and keeps moisture.

  • NEVER sleep on wet hair. Sleeping on wet hair Is known to matte hair.

  • Bleaching & coloring should be performed by a licensed hair stylists or professional colorist.



Deep Wave, Deep Curly & Kinky Curly Maintenance:


For the best results: Co- Wash your luxurious curly hair with cool water. When co-washing your hair I recommend using  a cleansing conditioner to wash the hair. Rinse the hair with cool water. Apply a  curl defining/ control cream while wet. Allow it to air dry, this method will keep  your curls/ waves nice & tight.